Welcome to EuroMed2024

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we have the honour to invite you to the 10th International Euro-Mediterranean Conference (EuroMed 2024).
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, situated at the crossroads of three continents, and with over twelve millennia of history, one of the most significant archaeological areas of the world. Cyprus’ cultural heritage is a living treasure of its people, providing a unique identity through its historical continuity.

From the 2nd-4th of December 2024, EuroMed 2024 offers the Cultural Heritage community the opportunity to come together and exchange our know-how, explore our research and discuss development in our field, current and future, from both regional and global perspectives. The conference provides a unique opportunity to present results, review outcomes, and draw new inspiration with our friends, colleagues and peers.

We live in a period of rapid change, from the climate crisis to war and political unrest, to changes in technology and social perceptions of culture, heritage and history. What will remain for future generations depends on how we respond to these challenges. Close cooperation and coordination between professionals, policymakers and authorities, local and international, is essential for new research and development if we are to keep pace with such change and discover more about humanity’s common shared past.

Knowledge is the new capital, and data is its currency, whether digitising monuments, sites and artefacts or enriching digital assets enabling citizens to discover, understand and express their own identities, history and culture through the lens of the past, the integrity of data is paramount. The loss of Cultural Heritage, tangible or intangible, impoverishes us all, but digitisation can, if approached correctly, assist in monitoring, conserving and digitally preserving unique cultural resources. The confidence to act on “Cultural Heritage Intelligence” is only possible if digitisation is undertaken with the highest possible standards, academically and technically.

The agenda for the 10th EuroMed Conference will include hundreds of excellent oral and poster presentations, workshops and demonstrations from academia and industry, reflecting the broad spectrum of Cultural Heritage work. We aim to bring together policymakers, professionals, students and delegates from diverse backgrounds to create a critical mass of mutual understanding, requirements and solutions to the challenges facing Cultural Heritage and its digitisation. 

EuroMed 2024 focus is on interdisciplinary research – cutting-edge technologies for the protection, preservation, conservation, and massive digitalisation of Cultural Heritage – and the emerging cross-sector Cultural Heritage Knowledge Economy – innovations ready for market exploitation, novel sustainable approaches towards heritage management, and new technologies available to user communities, SMEs, owners, managers and conservators of cultural patrimony.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cyprus for EuroMed 2024, which promises to be a thought-provoking and informative event for all delegates.


  • Marinos Ioannides, CY
  • Eleanor Fink, US
  • Antonella Fresa, IT
  • Janet Anderson, IE
  • Anthony Cassar, MT
  • Sander Münster, DE